Try Energy Wars in Arc8 and Take Part in the Great G-Bot Scavenger Hunt!

6 min readSep 13, 2022


There are five Energy Wars G-Bot Starter designs for you to win in a brand new type of competition —with an incredible reward for the first player to get all five. PLUS, Energy Wars — a game exclusive G-Bot owners — is open to all for a limited time from September 13–23.

Five exclusive Energy War G-Bot Starter designs

Lasers, color combos, powerful explosions and a G-Bot battle for supremacy. That’s just a taste of what you can expect in Energy Wars, which will open up to all Arc8 Players from September 13–23.

For a handy guide on how to play this thrilling puzzle-battle game, check out this video:

Energy Wars on Arc8

G-Bot Starter Scavenger Hunt

Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? If catching G-Bot Starters is your real quest, then this brand new competition is the one for you. Gotta mint ’em all!

Running from September 15–23 across multiple platforms, this unique competition will see the giveaway of five unique designs of Energy Wars G-Bot Starters. There are twenty of each, and your quest is a blockchain pentathlon — get one of each design to win a legendary reward!

Be the FIRST to collect all five of the Energy Wars G-Bot Starter designs and these are the fantastic rewards you will get:

  • A Legendary G-Bot pack
  • A G-Bot canvas print signed by the creator of G-Bots
  • 500 OMP

Not sure you can be quick enough? We’ve got you covered. If you come 2nd-6th, you can look forward to getting:

  • A G-Bot canvas print signed by the creator of G-Bots
  • 250 OMP

As soon as you’ve got all five, check they’re all in your Arc8 custodial wallet and then give us the good news on either Twitter or Discord and include your Arc8 username — our behind-the-scenes robots will be keeping a close eye on these platforms.

And if you don’t make the top 6 at all? Well, up to five exclusive G-Bot Starters in your wallet is still pretty cool.

How to get the Energy Wars G-Bot Starters

Each G-Bot Starter is rewarded for a specific task. One G-Bot Starter is available to collect through the entirety of the competition — Phase 0 — while the other four designs are available only during their specific phase.

Here are the G-Bot Starters on offer and what you need to do to get them — or, of course, you can simply just purchase them if they appear on OpenSea or swap or haggle for them with other players on Discord!

Phase 0: September 15–23 (1pm UTC)



About: A hot-headed Starter with all the arrogance and attitude of a Mythical G-Bot, Flamel is quick to anger. Criticize its performance in Energy Wars and it’ll turn into a fit of rage — it’s always the game’s fault; never Flamel’s.

How to Get: To get one of the twenty Flamels in your wallet, subscribe to GAMEE on YouTube and answer the question from the Arc8 Twitter account about the “Behind the Scenes” video — remember to include your Arc8 username in your reply. The first five correct answers will automatically get a Flamel design G-Bot Starter, and the other correct answers will be entered into a draw to win one of the other fifteen.

Phase 1: September 15–19 (1pm UTC)


Flash Ka

About: No faster than any other G-Bot Starter — but don’t tell Flash Ka that. It took Flash Ka an hour to run the 400m sprint in the G-Bot Olympics and yet it lives under the delusion that it’s lightning fast. We won’t tell if you won’t.

How to Get: Accumulate a total of 400,000 points in Energy Wars Trial version between September 15–19 (1pm UTC). Five Flash Ka designs will be given to the top scorers; fifteen will be given away in a draw on DATE for all those who have qualified



About: Blue by nature as well as appearance, Mecco resents its existence on a daily basis. As the Chief Maintenance Engineer for the spaceships in Dark Lords, Mecco feels overworked and under-appreciated, and longs to take part in the battles itself.

How to Get: Follow the G-Bot Twitter and answer a quiz question as soon as it’s posted — and include your Arc8 username! The first five correct responders will earn a Mecco G-Bot Starter, and the rest will be entered into a draw to win the other fifteen.

Phase 2: September 19–23 (1pm UTC)



About: Hulki is just a nickname — its real name is a classified secret. All that is known about this G-Bot Starter is that it emits a steady radiation dose of 3.6 roentgen — not great, not terrible — and anybody who might know its true identity is no longer alive.

How to Get: Win over 20 Energy Wars trial version token matches in 1v1 battles between September 19–23 (1pm UTC). Five Hulki designs will go to those with the most wins, and fifteen will be given away in a draw to all those who qualify.



About: A hacker often found lurking in the shady backstreet punk bars of G-Bot Land, Bie recently found itself imprisoned by the mortal enemy of G-Bots — The Dark Lord. It’s up to you to put your Energy Wars skills to the test and release Bie from its prison.

How to Get: Submit your Energy Wars scores on Discord to deal damage against The Dark Lord. The top 5 players who deal the most damage between September 19–23 will automatically get a Bie G-Bot Starter. Everyone else who takes part will be entered into the draw to win one of the other fifteen.


The draws for each G-Bot Start will be held within three days of the competition ending on September 23. Check Twitter and Discord for the winners announcement!

Best of luck, soldiers. Remember, Energy Wars is open to all for two days before the competition starts, giving you time to hone your skills and perfect your winning strategy. Make sure to join the Discord if you haven’t already, and follow G-Bots on Twitter and subscribe to GAMEE on YouTube in order to qualify for entry to all five challenges.

Refer back to this quick guide to remember what you have to do to get each of the five G-Bot Starters!

How to get each of the five G-Bot Starters

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