Welcome to Arc8 Season 3

Hello, Hoop Shot!

  • Card Game Tournaments —Finally a full deck of tournaments on Arc8! Fans of Arc8’s card games can now put their skills to the test in multiplayer tournaments.
  • Credits will no longer reset — It’s a lot of effort collecting all those diamonds, so players will now be able to keep them! And why keep them, you ask? Well, for that you’ll have to wait and see… ;)
  • League Points by Battle Tier — Playing higher tiers will not only enable players to win more tokens, but to get more League Points (LPs), allowing faster leveling up.
  • Qualification Matches — Qualifying rounds have been reduced from seven to five, meaning players can get into the action sooner and begin competing for rewards.
  • Wider Distribution — The season prize pool will now be distributed among 1000 players instead of 500, meaning even more players will earn a share of the reward for their efforts.
  • Tournament prize pools will be a huge 500,000 GMEE
  • Weekly Airdrops Draws will net players 75,000 GMEE
  • GMEE vouchers will total 120,000 GMEE
  • Dark Lords tournaments will offer 500,000 GMEE
  • There will be another 500,000 GMEE in Activity Rewards and Daily Streaks spread throughout the season
  • Partner token prize pools — stay tuned for the Token Takeover announcement when the Main Season launches on June 8th
  • SPORT (23–27 Jun)
  • MATIC (30 Jun — 4 Jul)
  • More TBC!

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