Wizard’s 21 — SCORE SYSTEM

2 min readApr 12, 2022

How is this Season going?
Do you want to get higher scores in Wizard’s 21?
Read on!

How it works?

The score is awarded for creating combinations within each column.

Completing a Blackjack with any number of cards is worth +150 points.

Completing a column with a Wild card is worth +200 points.

Completing a Blackjack with just two cards (10+J/Q/K) is worth +400 points.

Placing 5 cards within a column is worth +600 points.

Completing 2 columns in a row results in Combo worth extra +300 points. Completing 3 columns in a row results in Super Combo worth extra +600 points.

Getting more than 21 points in a column results in losing one life.

When clearing all the cards from the deck, each extra life remaining is worth +300 points.

Upon clearing all the cards from the deck, the remaining time contributes towards the time bonus. The % of time left is the % of the player’s score added to the base score at the end of the game.

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