Arc8 | GAMEE Update Q3/23 | The Era of the Beasties

The most impactful quarter of the year is drawing to a close, and so it is time to share with you the breakthroughs, upgrades and milestones that we, as a community, have achieved.

5 min readOct 3, 2023

Executive Summary

It has been a remarkable quarter for Arc8, with pivotal milestones, a truly monstrous upgrade, and fresh community collaborations that have taken Arc8 to 3 million registered players.

The most significant event of Q3 has been the integration of Beasts and Beasties, which has not only changed the way Arc8 is played, but has successfully boosted user engagement, increasing our Daily Active Users (DAU) significantly. Other upgrades to Arc8 include the introduction of our two first live multiplayer games (Disc-O Mania and Cranky Monkey), both receiving enthusiastic reception. In terms of direct Web3 competition, Q3 saw a successful trial season of the Arc8 League, with all 555 passes sold out in a matter of hours, and a prize distribution of $18,000 in tokens and NFTs. The launch of the Arc8 web store now allows transactions with the GMEE token, while our partnership with Hooked Protocol expanded our community reach through a dedicated event.

This quarter symbolizes our commitment to innovation, player experience, and community expansion by gamifying the Web3 onboarding process.

The Rise of the Beasts

A long-awaited update came to Arc8 in the form of Beasties on September 12th, and was one that greatly simplifies the Web3 onboarding process.

Each player is given an egg at the start of the Season, and must then win food to hatch, feed and evolve their unique creature. Rarer foods result in rarer Beasts, which can be freely minted as NFTs upon reaching the maximum evolution level. There are over 10 million potential combinations of colors, props, body parts, shapes and patterns, allowing for a broad range of highly unique Beast NFTs.

Beasties and their NFT counterparts, Beasts, can soon be used to mine Luck to win more rewards in Arc8’s Lucky Events. Beasts also grant players the opportunity to earn more tokens in Daily Rounds of our upcoming Web3 event, Arc8 GameFest.

The introduction of Beasts and Beasties to the Arc8 ecosystem has been nothing short of transformative. Since their launch, the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) has seen an impressive surge, breathing new life into Arc8. Players have eagerly nurtured, fed, and evolved their virtual companions, resulting in over 28,000 Beasties being cared for in Arc8, and almost half a million food items munched on.

The connection between gameplay and Beasties has fostered a more engaging user experience, with gameplay data reflecting a large increase in average session lengths.

Read more about this update here.

First Live Multiplayer Games

Q3 saw the launch of our first ever live turn-based multiplayer games.

Disc-O Mania

We brought a thrilling twist to the game of curling to your fingertips with Disc-O Mania. Players have been strategically sliding their discs, aiming for that perfect spot or tactically knocking their opponent’s discs out. The feedback? Overwhelmingly positive!

Cranky Monkey

Our foray into match-3 puzzles introduced players to the vibrant world of Cranky Monkey. This action-packed game sees players matching gems, scoring points and power-ups, and hitting their opponent’s monkey. Arc8 players have been having a blast with this addictive addition to the platform.

Arc8 League: A Triumph

The trial season of the Arc8 League (July 11 — August 11) was a resounding success, and anticipation for the next one is already high. With a limited supply of just 555 Arc8 League Passes, the event proved a highly lucrative experience for many players, who battled hard to win their share of an $18,000 reward pool.

The season was packed with excitement thanks to the integration of premium rewards, including daily token rewards in GMEE, MATIC and USDT as well as incredible NFTs from Planet IX, BoomLand, and the Mocaverse. Read more about the Arc8 League here.

Having analysed the data and taken feedback from players on our Discord server, we are well-prepared for the next event, which has been rebranded as Arc8 GameFest and will see more passes, more players and much larger prize pools available when it launches in Q4.

Arc8 Web Store

The Arc8 web store is now live, giving players the option to purchase Season Passes, Beastie food and gems using the GMEE token. By offering an alternative to in-app fiat transactions, we are strengthening our position as the leading hybrid Web2-Web3 gaming application, and providing further utility for GMEE token.

Hooked Partnership

We are thrilled to have partnered with Animoca Brands and Hooked Protocol in a collaboration that began with a 7-day event from September 21–28 in Hooked 2048, a reskinned version of our popular Qube 2048 game.

During this dedicated week-long event, players earned from daily prize pools comprised of $16,000 in $HOOK and $4,000 in GMEE tokens, drawing Hooked’s vibrant community to the enchanting gaming world of Arc8.

It was not just about rewards; it was about forging connections in the Web3 sphere and showcasing our upgraded application to a new audience. The second part of the Hooked partnership will come in Q4, bolstering the total prize pool to $50,000.


It has been an exhilarating three months, and as always, it’s the support and passion of our community that drive us forward. With our biggest ever event and new games still to come in 2023, we are certain that the next quarter will be just as thrilling. Stay tuned, and thank you!

Download Arc8 and meet your Beastie.

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