GMEE Tokenomics Introduction

2 min readApr 2, 2021


GAMEE token (GMEE) is an ERC-20 fungible utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. GMEE is designed to recognize and reward the skill, effort, and loyalty of players on GAMEE’s social casual gaming platform, and to drive engagement.

The total supply of GMEE is 3,180,000,000 tokens, all minted at once, with opening price per token at launch is set $0.0888.

Token address:

GAMEE Token (GMEE) will not be burned through use, but instead will be reintroduced back into the economy after it is used by players to pay for gameplay fees and NFT purchases and upgrades.

GMEE will be distributed among 9 main groups:

Wallet addresses:

Company reserve


Team & Advisors


Public pre-sale


Marketing & rewards


Strategic Sales


Private sale


Game Operations


Liquidity Pools


Community Airdrop


Initially, GMEE will be acquired via pre-sale and promotional airdrop to existing users of GAMEE and traded at a decentralized exchange. After the launch of GAMEE Arc8, the GMEE will be obtainable as a skill-based reward for playing GAMEE games and tournaments.

Release schedule for GMEE:

After the first 6 months from the token launch, there will be up to 8.56% of total supply in circulation.


GAMEE token (GMEE) is currently NOT listed on any exchange, be careful for any scam. There are currently no active listings of GMEE. Any listing information would only come from official Animoca Brands channels.

Official token address:

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GAMEE is a the studio behind the Arc8 blockchain gaming platform, where players compete in tournaments and earn rewards.