No Ordinary NFTs: Play With, Breed, Upgrade and Evolve Your G-Bots in Arc8

4 min readOct 5, 2022

From October 5th, G-Bot owners will be able to upgrade their G-Bots’ stats, breed them to create Baby Bots, and evolve Baby Bots into a fighting force of their own as adult G-Bots

L̶o̶v̶e̶ OMP is in the air

Arc8 has always been at the forefront of gaming trends. Created by the GAMEE studio, it is a mobile gaming app that features ad-free content, competitive gaming tournaments, head-to-head battles and a plethora of top-quality games such as Man City Striker, Hoop Shot, Asteroids and Pirate Solitaire.

It is unsurprising, then, that the latest updates to hit the G-Bot Metaverse are once again pushing blockchain technology to its limit and delivering a new and exciting range of functionalities.

G-Bots — the playable gaming characters that Arc8 players can choose to own and battle with in tournaments and PvP matches — are now much more than a ticket to exclusive games on the Arc8 platform. From October 5th, players can upgrade, breed and evolve them — actions which can only be carried out in players’ external wallets, using the Arc8 web app

A small liquidity pool of 10,000 GMEE/2000 OMP is now open on Quickswap. If you take part, make sure you are interacting only with these addresses:

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the new G-Bot functionalities!

The capabilities of different G-Bot types


So you’ve been annihilated more times than you can count in Dark Lords, and your G-Bot can barely throw a punch in Energy Wars? It’s time to upgrade.

Using the OMP tokens you’ve collected in G-Bot tournaments, and the GMEE tokens you’ve earned in PvP matches or in other gaming tournaments in Arc8, you can enhance your G-Bot’s stats in whichever ways you choose.

There are 9 stats that affect your G-Bot’s performance in battle — strength, speed, battery, HP, attack, defense, critical, luck, and special — and it’s your call which ones you upgrade. Each time you upgrade, you get 9 points to distribute among them, with a maximum of 3 on any one stat.

Feel your G-Bot’s ship should be able to handle more missile impacts in Dark Lords? Boost your HP, luck and defense. Or, if you are a firm believer in attack being the best form of defense, pile your points into speed, critical and attack.

However you go about it, you can shape your G-Bots into the type of warrior that best suits your playing style.


If you’ve got at least two functional G-Bots (i.e. not G-Bot Starters), then stick on some jazz and light a few candles — it’s time to make a baby!

As long as a G-Bot has got at least one Energy Core remaining, it’s ready for the joys of parenthood. Combine 2–5 G-Bots of your choice, and use your OMP and GMEE to create a whole new Baby Bot.

The rarity level and fighting class of the Baby Bot are all affected by its parents, meaning that breeding more powerful parents with higher rarity levels will offer the opportunity to get an even more powerful offspring.

Not only will you have created your very own NFT, but it too can be upgraded and evolved into adulthood. After that, what you do with it is up to you — use it to battle other players in tournaments and matches, upgrade and breed it, or sell it to another player on OpenSea!


A Baby Bot might look cute, but cuteness is of no concern to a G-Bot — they are born for one purpose, and that is to fight. Using your OMP and GMEE, you can upgrade the stats on your Baby Bot and steer it towards its inevitable future as a champion killing machine.

When you have upgraded a Baby Bot to its Evolution Point, the age of innocence is over and it can be upgraded no further as a youngster. The next step is its final transformation into an adult G-Bot. After evolution, it may maintain or even increase its rarity. Indeed, evolution is the only way you can get the highest rarity of all — an Ultimate G-Bot.

Whatever its rarity, your evolved adult G-Bot can be upgraded or bred just like any other, and it is ready to battle for glory and prestige across the Metaverse.


To take advantage of these insanely cool features and begin the assembly of your own private G-Bot army, get one or more of your own by purchasing G-Bots on OpenSea. Find out more about the economics behind these functionalities right here.

Here’s a handy guide on how to get some G-Bots of your own:

And remember, there’s more than just G-Bot games! Make sure to download and play Arc8 to enjoy access to a digital arcade experience packed with exciting original games alongside true arcade classics.

See you in the arcadeverse!

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