The OMP Token — The Economy Behind Breeding, Upgrading and Evolving for G-Bot NFTs

A detailed look at the economy of the OMP token in Arc8

7 min readSep 7, 2022

G-Bots — the playable NFT warriors native to the Arc8 app — are better than ever before. No longer do they serve only to provide access to exclusive combat games in Arc8; players will be able to upgrade their stats, breed them in groups of 2–5 and even evolve their offspring into adult G-Bots. How?

The secret is the new G-Bot-exclusive token: Omega Particles, or OMP.

Check out last week’s post to learn about these incredible new G-Bot functionalities, or read on to find out all about the economics behind them.

And if you don’t have a G-Bot (or you want another to make use of these new functionalities!) then purchase one here on OpenSea and follow this handy video guide:

The Big Picture

  • The economy as described here is valid for October 5 — November 30 2022. G-Bot functionalities (breeding, upgrading and evolving) will go offline for one week on November 30, allowing time to check data, incorporate feedback and make any changes where necessary. Join the Discord to have your say!
  • When the functionalities go live on October 5th, we will launch a small DEX liquidity pool of GMEE and OMP
  • With the introduction of upgrading, stats will now play a bigger role in Dark Lords and Energy Wars, and will also become a relevant feature of 1v1 battles. G-Bot Starters will also be able to play against other G-Bots in 1v1 battles
  • A total of 750,000 OMP is potentially up for grabs in G-Bot tournaments until November 30. Players enter tournaments with GMEE and earn OMP in return. At present, this is the only way to get OMP
  • OMP is an ERC-20 token and is burned when spent, as a measure against inflation
  • The rarer the G-Bot, the more it costs in OMP to upgrade, breed or evolve. Also, upgrading is progressively more costly in terms of OMP, while the GMEE fee always remains the same
  • Players will be notified of how long is remaining to complete each process

Calculating Costs

Each rarity level, currency and function (upgrading, breeding and evolving) is given a different multiplier value. These values are used to determine costs and can be seen in the table below:

The multipliers that are used to calculate various GMEE and OMP costs


Players can now upgrade all the stats on their G-Bot until the MOP (Max Overall Potential) has been reached. Each time a player upgrades, there are 9 points to distribute among the stats (strength, speed, battery, HP, attack, defense, critical, luck, special), with a max of 3 points per stat each time. However, upgrades can be chained together so you can do more than one at once.

Each upgrade raises the COP (Current Overall Power) by 1. The COP is an average of the G-Bot’s stats.

To calculate upgrading costs in OMP and GMEE, use these two formulae:

  • GMEE: Upgrading multiplier x rarity multiplier x GMEE multiplier
  • OMP: Upgrading multiplier x rarity multiplier x OMP multiplier x COP (Current Overall Power)

We are upgrading an Epic G-Bot with a COP of 52:

GMEE Cost = 1 (upgrading multiplier) x 10 (Epic multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 100 GMEE

OMP Cost = 1 (upgrading multiplier) x 10 (Epic multiplier) x 0.05 (OMP multiplier) x 52 (COP) = 26 OMP

Upgrading time
To see how long an upgrade will take, take a look at this table:

How to calculate the time it will take to upgrade


Players can breed between 2–5 parent G-Bots to create a Baby Bot.

Each parent gives up one of its Energy Cores during breeding. One is burned in the process and the others go to the Baby Bot, meaning the number of Energy Cores a Baby Bot has is one fewer than the number of parents it has.

  • The costs in GMEE depends on the number of Energy Cores the parents have remaining. The more Energy Cores a G-Bot has, the less GMEE it costs to breed
  • The cost in OMP depends on the COP of the parent G-Bots
  • The breeding process takes 48 hours, whatever the Baby Bot’s rarity

To calculate breeding costs, we first need to take into account the Energy Core multiplier. Use this table to find the Energy Core multiplier for each parent G-Bot:

These Energy Core multipliers are used when calculating breeding costs

To calculate the costs of breeding in GMEE and OMP, use these two formulae:

  • GMEE: the sum of the following for each parent: breeding multiplier x rarity multiplier x Energy Core multiplier x GMEE multiplier
  • OMP: OMP multiplier x breeding multiplier x (Parent-1’s COP x Parent-1’s rarity multiplier + Parent-2’s COP x Parent-2’s rarity multiplier +…)

We are breeding with the following three parents:

Parent 1: An epic G-Bot with 2 Energy Cores and a COP of 55
Parent 2: An epic G-Bot with 1 Energy Core and a COP of 66
Parent 3: A common G-Bot with 4 Energy Cores and a COP of 32

GMEE cost:
- Parent 1 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 10 (epic multiplier) x 1.3 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 650
- Parent 2 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 10 (epic multiplier) x 1.4 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 700
- Parent 3 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 1 (common multiplier) x 1.1 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 55

Now we add these figures together.
Total: 650 + 700 + 55 = 1405 GMEE

OMP cost:

55 (Parent 1’s COP) x 10 (Parent 1’s Epic multiplier) + 66 (Parent 2’s COP) x 10 (Parent 2’s Epic multiplier) + 32 (Parent 3’s COP) x 1 (Parent 3’s Common multiplier) = 1242

1242 x 0.05(OMP multiplier) x 5 (breeding multiplier) = 310.5 OMP

Baby Bot Parameters

  • Class: The Baby Bot’s class is randomly chosen from the pool of parental classes. For instance, a Baby Bot with 3 warrior parents and 1 fighter parent has its class chosen from a pool of three warriors and one fighter, giving it a 75% of being a warrior and a 25% chance of being a fighter
  • Rarity: Rarity is determined by the rarity of the parents and their COP. The more parents you have involved — and the higher their rarity level — the more likely you are to be satisfied with your new Baby Bot’s rarity.
  • Keep in mind that you can always see what rarity the Baby Bot will have before you commit to the transaction.


Each Baby Bot has an ‘Evolution Point’, which is the point at which it can not longer be upgraded and must be evolved into an adult G-Bot. The higher the rarity of the Baby Bot, the higher the Evolution Point, as can be seen in this table below:

The Evolution Point for different Baby Bot rarity levels

Below, you can see the probability of your G-Bot’s rarity after it has evolved. Find your Baby Bot’s rarity in the top row, and then follow the column down to see the percentage of chance of its becoming each rarity as a G-Bot.

Probability of G-Bot rarity after evolution

If, after evolution, your G-Bot has the same rarity as when it was a Baby Bot, its stats, COP and MOP will remain the same.

On the other hand, if evolution brings about an increase in rarity, the G-Bot will have new stats, COP and MOP. The number of Energy Cores and its class will never change during evolution, and there will always be the potential to further upgrade your G-Bot.

To see how the G-Bot’s stats, COP and MOP may change after evolution, see this table:

The COP and MOP ranges for different rarity levels of G-Bot

The costs to evolve a Baby Bot can be seen in the table below, and depend on the rarity of your Baby Bot (before evolution):

Evolving costs

Remember, the economics here are valid from October 5th–November 30 — keep track of changes to the economy on Twitter and by subscribing on Medium, and let us know your thoughts on Discord.

You might also want to check out our Wiki and FAQs, which will be updated as soon as any changes are made.

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